Thursday, August 18, 2011

There we go again..

Hi everyone,

I bet you all thought I had forgotten about my blog, but no.. I’ve just been quite busy over the past 4 months, so I did not really get around to writing anything.

So what have I been up to lately? After my trip to Los Angeles, we first had St. Patrick’s Day here in Dublin, which was a great party and also a goodbye party for my friend Meagan, whom you might remember from my Christmas story, who was moving back to Australia. After that, I decided it was definitely time to move house, as my Italian fellow-tenant (I won’t use the word housemate, because that may give you the idea that I don’t hate him) kept behaving like a little baby and a backstabbing rat. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was his ridiculous accusation of me stealing stuff from him, which he “proved” by throwing a computer cable into my bedroom while I was away, taking a picture of that cable and subsequently calling the landlord to complain about this. When I told him he was a backstabbing rat who had planted the cable in my room, he went for my throat (literally) so I decided there and then that I had had enough of this cocksucker and it was time to move on. I had had the idea of moving out for some months by then, because I was sort of done with living in Artane, which is a nice enough area, but there’s not an awful lot to do, and I had had enough of spending over 100 euros a month on taxis to get home from the pub. The city centre would be my next destination. I took some time to pack up my stuff (all of it was shipped in boxes I conveniently leached off the local liquor store across the street), look for a place and then actually move. The first place I looked at was a prime spot, literally a block from Parnell Street, the people appeared easy going and the rent was cheaper than my old place. However, I passed on this deal because I wasn’t particularly looking forward to sharing a front door with another Italian just yet. The second place I looked at, also in the city centre, was smaller, but also cheaper again, 2 people were moving out and I would be sharing with just 1 Irish guy for the time being. I decided on the spot that I would take the room. The house was smaller and I would have to give up my own private bathroom and shower, but it would also save me 150 euro in rent per month, on top of the 100+ euro I would save on taxis. Having done my research, I would also have a dozen pubs within a 2 block radius, while in Artane there had only been 2, one of which I was not particularly fond of. The best selling point of all though, was the fact that it is only an 8 minute walk to The Woolshed! So, happy as a kid in a candy store, I announced my new living quarters at the bar, an announcement that was met with approval from all involved. So there I am now, living in the city centre, close to everything and with an astonishing number of pubs and eateries on my doorstep.

What else have I done? Well, I have also done some travelling. In June I went to Wexford for the weekend with my dad and sister to celebrate my dad’s 64th birthday. We had a great time while there and saw quite a bit of the area, even crossing in to Waterford on the Sunday for lunch. A month later, in July, it was time for my summer holiday, which took me to the Western Balkans. Armed with an armful of Lonely Planets and a positive looking printout from, I set off on a Friday morning in July for an 11 day, 4 country trek through the area. I will tell you more about this at some later time, but I can tell you that it was absolutely fantastic. It was a wonderful trip through wonderful countries and I will surely be back there at some point.

And of course, I have been visiting bars over the past 4 months too. In fact, I visited quite a lot. Since I last spoke to you, I have crossed the 600 pub target and, quite impressively, I reached 650 only weeks later. So, that’s the update for now. I will be posting more regularly from now on and will keep you up to date on my wanderings. That’s enough for now, it’s time to go to The Woolshed.



Editor’s note: This blog was written last Friday afternoon, when I was about to go to the Woolshed. I then found out that some dirty scumbag had stolen my domain name and it took some time to figure out how to post without having use my domain.

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