Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Melbourne

HI all, just a quick update on the bars I have visited over the past couple of days. I'll make a proper story of it at a later stage, but I've got plenty of stuff to do in Melbourne and I am leaving for Sydney in just 2 days so I have a busy schedule.

On Tuesday, I took the tram to St. Kilda to check out a couple of places I wanted to see. I walked down the beach boulevard and decided to have a beer in the sun in the
garden of

474. Republica
I had a Corona and watched the people walk by. It wasn't that much of a great bar, more sort of a restaurant type of thing where you could have lunch.
After finishing my beer, I walked around the beach for a while, walked down the pier and when I made my way back to the beach, all of a sudden, my jetlag caught up with me. Believe it or not, I fell asleep while I was walking down the beach. I'll get back to St. Kilda today or tomorrow to check out some more places.

The next day, while walking around the city, I came across

475. Melbourne City Celtic Club.
This is officially a members-only club, but I had no trouble getting in, you just have to sign in as a day-member and you can join in the fun. The club consists of 2 bars, 2 sports rooms and a casino. I went back there on Saturday night to watch Celtic beat Hibernian by 2-1.

476. Funky Curry
One of the 67665687 restaurants in the city centre of Melbourne, I had an excellent lunch consisting of 2 different curries, naan bread and a bottle of Crown lager, all for the ridiculous price of 14 Australian Dollars

477. P.J. O'Briens
I met up here with Claire and Deirdre, 2 Australian girls I knew from back home in Dublin. While it looked a bit strange to have an Irish pub inside an exhibition centre, it turned out to be allright. We celebrated Arthur's Day and drank lots of Guiness. And got free pies. Good Stuff.

478. Young&Jackson
On Friday I went to watch the AFL Grand Final Parade, which passed by this pub.

479. Spleen Central
Nothing special really. I had one beer and left.

480. Bridie O'Reilly's
Another Irish pub, and this one is in an old church. Really cool setting and I watched the AFL Final there with Claire and Deirdre. The match ended in a draw, which left everybody confused as to what would happen. After asking several fans, I finally found one who was in the know and told me that there would be a replay the next week. Interestingly, I witnessed only the second draw in the 150 year history of the AFL final.

More later, for pictures, you can check out my Facebook page.


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