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The List

As some of you will know, and some of you may not, I have been writing a Blog for over 5 years now. Because it was hidden behind my Myspace page, I did not keep up a real routine of writing on it regularly. Sometimes I would write 4 or 5 days in a row, and that was then followed by 2 months of silence. Whether it was because I was lazy or because the Blog wasn’t really motivating me, with its basic (ugly) lay out and limited features, I don’t know, but the point is that it didn’t do regular updates as often as I wanted to.
Either way, the main reason I started that Blog was because of another Blog that I noticed somewhere in early 2005. An American guy, a New Yorker called Dan Freeman to be exact, had started a blog with the name Thousand Bars. He had retired a year or so earlier and now had the whole day to himself to do things he enjoyed, without having to go to work to pay for it. After horsing around for a year, he decided to start an ambitious project: he would start on New Years Day 2005 and visit a bar. He would write some notes about it and publish this on his new Blog. The plan was to visit exactly 1000 bars in a time span of exactly 1 year and keep the world up to date on his progress. The phenomenon of Blog writing was quite new then and became a huge hit, ranking as high a 6th on . He was interviewed on the New York Times website and on, amongst others, and his crusade against sobriety became a huge hit. After completing his project, he kept writing about things he did, restaurants he visited, drinks he drank and any other things worth mentioning. I was inspired by this. Counting the number of different pubs you visited seemed like a great idea, and I decided to do something similar. I thought it would be a good idea to let the world know what I did and how I thought about things, so I started my onw blog. Ofcourse, I knew that I would never be able to match Dan’s 1000 bars in a year, mainly because I actually have to go to work during the day and I don’t have the resources to go out to diner every day and pick up a couple of pubs on the way over.
Still, I set out to visit as many pubs as possible and kept notes of all of them. Some times, I would miss a landmark moment because of miscounting or misplaced notes or because the pub I planned to visit was not there (number 250 was supposed to be a pub called McCarthy’s Bar in Manhattan, but the place it was supposed to be was just a big hole in the ground with a fence around it).
I have had great fun up until now, and I will continue to have great fun expanding this list, which has reached the impressive number of 457 pubs to date.

So, before you get to browse through the list, and will ooh and aah when recognizing one of your favorite places, I will give you some statistics.

The top 5 of cities with most bars visited:
On number 5 is my home city of Rotterdam. I thought Rotterdam would have scored higher than 22 bars, but that is probably because I visited a lot of them before I started counting. Still, a respectable score.
Number 4 then, one of my favorite cities in the world: San Francisco, with 27 hits. My vacation in San Francisco last year was brilliant and the dive bars in the Tenderloin district were absolutely awesome. Special mention goes out to Whiskey Thieves on Geary Street for feeding me bourbon and PBR, and to Murio’s Trophy Room in Haight-Ashbury, who arguably have the best jukebox in the world.
On to the Top3 then. In 3rd place, with an excellent score of 43 bars is the city that never sleeps; NEW YORK. New York is the greatest place I have ever been, and I can’t wait to get back there, which will be September next year. What makes this high score extra special, is that I only spent 9 days in New York. If I was to make a list based on a ‘bars per day’ count, New York would top the list. Special mention here goes out to 3 places: first of all McSorley’s Old Alehouse, an Old Irish Alehouse open since 1854 and nothing much has changed since then. Choice of beer is light ale or dark ale and you hav to buy 2 mugs at a time. Excellent stuff.
Another bar worth mentioning and located in one of my favorite places in the world, is ChaCha’s in Coney Island. This idyllic place, situated on the beach front, has great music, cheap beer and friendly bar staff. A must see for the serious bar hopper.
And then, ofcourse, one of my favorite bars in the world, and the Mother Superior of all dive bars: The Mars Bar. The Mars Bar is situated on the corner of East 1st street and 2nd Avenue in New York East Village. Everything you could ever want in a dirty dive bar is there. Broken bar stools, a jukebox with a smashed window, graffiti all over the place, a toilet that you can smell 3 blocks away and some of the most erratic customers you will ever encounter. 5 seconds after I walked in, I felt like a regular who had been coming there for years. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, go and have a beer and a shot of Jagermeister.NOT for the faint hearted though.

In second place then, is my sister’s home town of Edinburgh. The score of 48 bars takes them just above New York and the reason for this well earned second place is ofcourse that I visit Edinburgh quite often, and those visits are usually rather alcohol fuelled. Lots of great places here, but 2 places that deserve a mention are Bannerman’s- a cavernous bar and venue in the old town that has live music almost every night of the week, and the Black Bull, an excellent pub where metalheads, punks and skinheads hang out and listen to music from the excellent jukebox. Beware of the whisky special.

And then, it will be no surprise that, in first spot, is Dublin. Miles ahead of any other place I have ever been to, with a stunning 134 bars, Dublin is a Disney land for drinkers where every third door opens in to a pub. The atmosphere in Dublin is great and you’re always welcome. I could go on for hours on the greatness of Dublin pubs, but I will write a special issue on that subject. Dublin’s nickname of Ibiza in the rain is well earned and a must visit for everybody who is looking to have a good time. I could give dozens of special mentions here, but I will limit myself to 2 for this occasion. Murray’s Bar (formerly known as Frazer’s) on O’Connell street shows any and every sporting event in the world. Whether you want to watch the World Cup final, Dutch league football on an Arab channel, or powerboat racing in Patagonia , they have it all. Top Spot!
The best place in Dublin, and therefore arguably in the world, however, is The Woolshed.
This excellent sports bar is big in size, but warm and friendly in atmosphere. They have an international staff, excellent food, cheap beer and pretty much every sporting event that you might want to see. I love this place.

So, and now for the list. I hope you enjoy browsing through it, and I look forward to your feedback and comments.
I’m off to the pub.


Pubs Visited between June 2005 and now:

Name Address City
PADDY MURPHY'S Rodezand 11 Rotterdam
De Slingerick Rotterdam
De Gonz Jeruzalemstraat 11 Gouda
Baroeg Spinozaweg 300 Rotterdam
O' Sheas Lijnbaan Rotterdam
Psst.. Amigo. Stadhuisplein Rotterdam
The Rembrandt Cafe Schiphol
Patronaat Haarlem
De Tapperij. Markt Gouda
La Cubanita Jeruzalemstraat 2 Gouda
Darts kralingse plas Rotterdam
Het Wapen Eibergen
De Zalm. Markt Gouda
Het Pakhuis Markt Gouda
The Musicon Den haag
Big Ben Stadhuisplein Rotterdam
Cafe Linssen Oude binnenweg Rotterdam
Stalles. Nieuwe Binnenweg Rotterdam
'T half uurtje Rotterdam
De Witte Aap Witte de withstraat Rotterdam
Rotown Nieuwe Binnenweg Rotterdam
Cafe Boekhout Claes de vrieselaan Rotterdam
William Smith O' Briens and sons Haarlem
Carillon Coolsingel Rotterdam
Treffpunkt Goppingen
Opus Hotel Goppingen
Tresor Goppingen
The Chapel Goppingen
Cafe Maxim Rotterdam
Dynamo Rotterdam
Melkweg Amsterdam
Dan Murphy's. Leidse plein Amsterdam
Eat at Jo's Amsterdam
Vestingbar Campus Enschede
De nieuwe Gonz Turfsingel Gouda
Citypool Gouda
New Tandoor Korte Tiendeweg Gouda
Slot Doddendael Nijmegen
St. James Pub Rembrandtplein Amsterdam
Hoopman's Leidse plein Amsterdam
Durty Nelly's Amsterdam
The Haymarket Haymarket Edinburgh
Burnside Edinburgh
Hardrock cafe Edinburgh
Doctor's Edinburgh
The Hog's head Edinburgh
The Westfield Edinburgh
The Rainbow. Edinburgh
Albanach bar Royal Mile Edinburgh
The tickled trout Edinburgh
Wetherspoons Airport Edinburgh
EZY6921 Plane
Hardrock cafe Amsterdam
The Aran Pub Maz Oewe plein Amsterdam
Hole in the Wall Leidse plein Amsterdam
Xochimilco Markt Gouda
De Buze Steenwijk
Le Carafon utrecht
The Castlefest Lisse
Tiki-bar Rotterdam
Het Wapen van Haastrecht Grote Haven Haastrecht
The trafalgar pub Eindhoven
The Celtic Pride Eindhoven
O' Sheas Eindhoven
Pursers Rotterdam
Spot the looney Rotterdam
Café de Vlist Vlist
O'reilly's Amsterdam
The Sky bar Leidse plein Amsterdam
Rancho's Amsterdam
Black & White Leidse plein Amsterdam
O' Carolans Bergen op Zoom
O' Meara's. Breda
De Film Schouwburgplein Rotterdam
Kangaroos Den haag
O'Casey's Den haag
Poiteen Still Den haag
The Dakota bar Schiphol
Tommy Guns Malahide
Duffy's Malahide
Frazers O' Connell street Dublin
Bruxelles Harry street Dublin
The Foggy Dew Temple Bar Dublin
The Vat house Temple Bar Dublin
Sheehan's Dublin
Temple Bar Temple Bar Dublin
The Bridge bar Dublin
O' Gogarty's Temple Bar Dublin
Panama Bachelor's Walk Dublin
The Boar's head Dublin
The Auld Dubliner Temple Bar Dublin
Gybney's Malahide
The Lord Mayor Swords
The Cock Inn Swords
Quin's Pub Dublin
Eamon Doran's Temple Bar Dublin
The Flowing Tide Lower Abbey street Dublin
The Star Swords
The Celt Pub Talbot Street Dublin
The Mercantile bar Dame street Dublin
'O Donoghues Merrion Row Dublin
The Duke Dublin
The Slaughtered Lamb main street Swords
The Temple Dorset street Dublin
Fibber McGees Parnell street Dublin
The Pound bar Swords
Molloy's Talbot street Dublin
Afsana Temple Bar Dublin
The Harp Lounge Swords
The Gresham Hotel O' Connell street Dublin
The Banker Dublin
The Royal Hotel O' Connell street Dublin
The Old Boro main street Swords
The Red Parrot Dublin
The Brazen Head Dublin
The Hogan stand Dublin
The Porterhouse Central Parliament street Dublin
The Oval Middle Abbey street Dublin
Captain America Grafton street Dublin
The Thunderroad cafe Temple Bar Dublin
The Forum bar Dublin
The Gate Clock Airport Dublin
St. Christophers Amsterdam
Eetcafé Het Centrum bergambacht
Murphy's Irish pub Airport Schiphol
The J Bar Airport Dublin
Bailey's Bar Airport Dublin
The Turnhouse Airport Edinburgh
The Greyfriars Bobby's Edinburgh
The Hebrides bar Edinburgh
Bannerman's Edinburgh
Viva Mexico Cockburn Street Edinburgh
The Horse shoe Inn Gorgy Edinburgh
The Stratford Gorgy Edinburgh
Station Tavern Gorgy Edinburgh
Drouhty Neighbours Stirling
Hewat's Edinburgh
Deacon Brodie's Tavern Royal Mile Edinburgh
The Filling Station Royal Mile Edinburgh
The Scotsman's Lounge Royal Mile Edinburgh
Wetherspoons Express Airport Edinburgh
Judges Parnell street Dublin
The Hub Temple Bar Dublin
Oliver St. John Gogarty's II Temple Bar Dublin
Croke Park Dublin
Porterhouse Central Nassau Street Dublin
Porterhouse North Dublin
Porterhouse Inn Bray
Maddigan's Talbot Street Dublin
Arlington Hotel Quays Dublin
Bull&Castle Dublin
Brogan's Dame street Dublin
Gin Palace Abbey street Dublin
Slattery's Capel street Dublin
The Woolshed Parnell street Dublin
The Bar Airport Dublin
The Path Kircaldy
The Chesser Inn Gorgy Edinburgh
The Corn Exchange Sports bar Edinburgh
The Corn Exchange bar Edinburgh
The Black Bull Waverly station Edinburgh
The Three Tuns Edinburgh
The Scream Edinburgh
Whistle Binkies Edinburgh
The Alsaa Dublin
The Skyview bar Airport Dublin
The Roundabout Artane Dublin
The Goblet Artane Dublin
Wright's Swords
Carnegie Court hotel Swords
Market Bar George Street Dublin
Cafe en Seine Dawson Street Dublin
O' Sheas Gardiner Street Dublin
The Living Room O' Connell street Dublin
The Mezz Temple Bar Dublin
The Clifton Court Hotel Quays Dublin
The Crown Birmingham
Walkabout Birmingham
Waxy O' Connors Birmingham
O'Neills Birmingham
Billy's Bar Birmingham
The Kerry Man Birmingham
Barfly Birmingham
Velvet Birmingham
Little Civic Wolverhampton
Wolverhampton Civic Hall Wolverhampton
Whetherspoons Birmingham
The Sports Bar Birmingham
Yard of Ale Birmingham
Maddigan's O' Connell street Dublin
Darkey Kelly's Dublin
The Grand Central O' Connell street Dublin
Busker's Temple Bar Dublin
The Button Factory Temple Bar Dublin
Parnell Mooney Parnell street Dublin
The Millennium Dublin
Eamon Rea's Dublin
Cubar Airport Dublin
Bar (D Gates) Airport Dublin
Het Zonnetje Gouda
Cafe Royal Rotterdam
Gonzales Rotterdam
Shining Emerald Marlboro street Dublin
Messrs. Maguire Quays Dublin
Huis den Hoek Haastrecht
Thomas O Riarda Airport Dublin
Cassidy's Westmoreland street Dublin
The Palace bar Temple Bar Dublin
Toddy's O' Connell street Dublin
Wynn's Hotel Lower Abbey street Dublin
Bowes Dublin
Trivia Westmoreland street Dublin
The World's End Camden London
The Oxford Arms Camden London
The Porterhouse Covent Garden London
The Maple Leaf Covent Garden London
Sports Bar London
Walkabout Shaftsbury Avenue London
Garlic&Shots London
Hornimans at Thays London
Hole in the Wall Waterloo station London
Walkabout Tube station Temple London
Stansted Airport bar Airport London
Spider's web Haymarket Edinburgh
Whetherspoons Outlet centre Livingston
Walkabout Picardy Place Edinburgh
The Estuary Swords
Eindhoven Airport bar Airport Eindhoven
Guinness Storehouse Dublin
The Old Schoolhouse Swords
Fitzsimmons Temple Bar Dublin
Turk's Head Temple Bar Dublin
Purty Kitchen Temple Bar Dublin
Front Lounge Temple Bar Dublin
Vicar Street Theatre Dublin
Ha'penny Bridge Inn Temple Bar Dublin
Quay's Bar Temple Bar Dublin
Farrington's Temple Bar Dublin
Pal Joey Temple Bar Dublin
The Lotts Dublin
T.P. Smiths Jervis Dublin
Holland Casino Airport Schiphol
Maddigan's Abbey street Dublin
Hill Country New York
O'reilly's West 32nd New York
Cassidy's 56th New York
Street Vendor Central Park New York
The Parlour West 86th New York
ESPN Zone Times Square New York
Heartland Brewery Empire State Building New York
Dallas Barbecue New York
Dempsey's New York
Hardrock cafe Times Square New York
Langan's New York
Blarney Rock New York
Staten Island Ferry New York
Cargo Cafe Staten Island New York
Barfly New York
Pete's Tavern New York
Shades of Green New York
St. George Ballpark Staten Island New York
Maui Tacos New York
Jack Dempsey's New York
Shea Stadium Queens New York
Mc Sorley's Ale House East Village New York
Bull McCabe East Village New York
Cha Cha's Coney Island New York
Baltika Coney Island New York
Ruby's Coney Island New York
Waterfront Ale house Brooklyn New York
O'Keefe's Brooklyn New York
St. Mark's Ale house East Village New York
Stillwater East Village New York
Piper's Kilt Inwood New York
Heartland Brewery Times Square New York
Spring Lounge New York
Lombardi's New York
Whiskey Town East Village New York
Bounce East Village New York
Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn New York
Mars Bar East Village New York
Slainte East Village New York
Heartland Brewery 6th Avenue New York
House of Brews New York
Bar Avion JFK New York
Shannon's JFK New York
Le Bon Crubeen Talbot Street Dublin
Grainger's Corner Talbot Street Dublin
Taste of India Temple Bar Dublin
Brannigan's O' Connell street Dublin
Oslo Bar Connelly Station Dublin
The Pier House Howth
Abbey Tavern Howth
The Cock Tavern Howth
The Bloody Stream Howth
Dublin Oktober Fest George's Dock Dublin
Sackville Inn Sackville Place Dublin
O'Neills Leixlip
Dirty Kelly's Leixlip
O'Neills Suffolk Street Dublin
Lincoln Inn Dublin
The Gingerman Dublin
Chiquito's Edinburgh
The Standing Order Edinburgh
Belushi's Edinburgh
Halfway House Edinburgh
Oz Bar Edinburgh
Crofter's Edinburgh
Studio 24 Edinburgh
Old Orleans Edinburgh
World's End Royal Mile Edinburgh
The Mitre Royal Mile Edinburgh
Kate's cottage Dublin
O'Casey's Marlboro street Dublin
Hole in the Wall Drogheda
Laurence Inn Drogheda
Mc Hugh's Drogheda
The Admiral's bar Drogheda
The Mariner Drogheda
Briody's Marlboro street Dublin
Castle Inn Summer Hill Dublin
Weir's Dun Laghoire
Baker's Corner near DL Dublin
Lanigan's Plough Lower Abbey street Dublin
Cineworld Parnell street Dublin
Bachelor's Inn Quays Dublin
Mulligan's Poolbeg street Dublin
Jim Beam Bar Dorset street Dublin
Findlater's Dorset street Dublin
Hawthorne Hotel Swords
Conway's Parnell street Dublin
St. Giles Cafe Edinburgh
The Crags Edinburgh
Snooker Cafe Gouda
Larry Murphy's Dublin
Donehy&Nesbit Dublin
The Academy Dublin
Newtown House Malahide Road Dublin
Sheaf O' Wheat Dublin
Jim Doyle's Bray
Czech Inn Temple Bar Dublin
Jack Nealon Dublin
Panorama Bar Airport Eindhoven
Hendrix Bowling Goppingen
Cafe Select Airport Dublin
Grand Cafe Plaza Airport Schiphol
Bruno's Temple Bar Dublin
Monthy's Temple Bar Dublin
Cruzzo's Malahide
The Oak Dublin
The Loft Dublin
Richardson's Galway
The Goalpost Galway
Red Square Galway
An Pucan Galway
Coyote Galway
Rayhoon Cafe Talbot Street Dublin
Mather's Bar Edinburgh
Black Rose Rose Street Edinburgh
The Telford Edinburgh
The Queen's Head Hawick
Hunter's Hall Galashiels
Scott's Rose Street Edinburgh
Irish Food Festival Phoenix Park Dublin
The Outsider Geary Street San Francisco
Whiskey Thieves Geary Street San Francisco
Java Beach Ocean Beach San Francisco
The Mucky Duck San Francisco
Abbey Tavern San Francisco
Ireland 32 San Francisco
The Sports Bar San Francisco
Edinburgh Castle Geary Street San Francisco
Hardrock cafe Pier 39 San Francisco
Wipe Out Pier 39 San Francisco
Jack's Bar Fisherman's Warf San Francisco
Fiddler's Green Fisherman's Warf San Francisco
Hooters Fisherman's Warf San Francisco
Joe's Crab shack Fisherman's Warf San Francisco
Manu Loa San Francisco
Las Margeritas Fisherman's Warf San Francisco
Rainforest Cafe Fisherman's Warf San Francisco
Player's Pier 39 San Francisco
La Salsa Oakland
Alameda-Oakland Ferry Oakland
Magnolia Haight-Ashbury San Francisco
Finnegan's Wake Haight-Ashbury San Francisco
Murio's Trophy Room Haight-Ashbury San Francisco
Martin Mack's Haight-Ashbury San Francisco
Trax Haight-Ashbury San Francisco
Tonga Room San Francisco
High Tide San Francisco
Ha-Ra Geary Street San Francisco
Amoura Cafe Airport San Francisco
The Garden Terrace Airport Dublin
Sin E Cork
Bru Cork
Larry Tompkin's Cork
The Swan Cork
Fred Zeppelin Cork
The Corner House Cork
An Cruiscin Lan Cork
Sheila's Hostel Cork
Bierhaus Cork
The Ovens Cork
The Food Market Airport Cork
The Red Bar Airport Cork
Subway Airport Cork
The Sports Bar Airport Cork
Steaks&Stroop Haastrecht
The Goose Glasgow
Republic Bier Halle Glasgow
The Athol Arms Glasgow
Walkabout Glasgow
Cochrane's Hotel Rosyth
Brewer's Fayre Dunfermline
Creepy Wee Pub Dunfermline
Bar67 East End Glasgow
Baird's Bar East End Glasgow
Yates Airport Glasgow
Strand House Dublin
Annesley Bridge House Dublin
Indie Spice Swords
Keane's Bus Bar Skerries
Beaumont House Dublin
Slovak Pub Bratislava
Europa Pub Bratislava
The Dubliner Bratislava
Sladovna House of Beer Bratislava
Aligator Bratislava
De Zwaan Bratislava
Orient Bratislava
Propeller Bratislava
Amanita Bratislava
Krcma5 Bratislava
Vegas Hostel Bratislava
Bratislava CS Bar Bratislava
Crossfields Vienna
1516 Vienna
Bar @ departures Airport Bratislava
Wings Airport Bratislava
Panorama Bar Airport Bratislava
Last Call Cafe Airport Bratislava
Final Call Cafe Airport Bratislava
Isambard Kingdom Portsmouth
The Honest Politician Portsmouth
One Eye Dog Portsmouth
Kitty Kiernan's Artane Dublin
Mr. Cocker Gouda
The Old Inn Gouda
Verenigingsgebouw Haastrecht
King Arthur's Utrecht
The Rambler Eindhoven
The Apron Bar Airport Dublin
The Skeff Galway
The King's Head Galway
The Crossbar Dublin

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