Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dodging bullets

I was reading a local paper this morning, and found this piece of news:


A shooting in a pub is awful enough as it is, but this one is especially scary for me personally, because I visit this pub quite regularly. In fact, I visit this pub every weekend during the football season because this is the pub where the local Celtic supporters go to watch the games.

The pub is also popular with gaelic football fans as it is only a couple of minutes from Croke Park stadium.
Nobody died, but the people injured in the attack are still in critical condition in local hospitals.

In Holland, when there is a death or a shooting in a pub, it has to close for 3 months, pending investigation, and to let the situation cool down a bit to prevent retaliation attacks.
I don't know how the rules are here in Ireland, but I have read stories about similar shootings and pub close for a day to clean up the mess and are back in business the next day.
I guess I'll head over to good old Murray's for the game tomorrow..

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